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Shelter Policy

Revision  2013

Shelter Policy Concerning the Housing of  Animals

  1. Animals picked up by the Animal Control Officer and brought to the Lawrence County Humane Society Animal Shelter will be kept for 5 days in accordance with KRS.258.315.  After this time period the animal becomes the legal property of the Humane Society and may be adopted or euthanized in a humane manner.
  1. If the owner of the animal comes to reclaim the animal before the 5 days are up, the charge to reclaim the animal will be $10.00/per day with a minimum charge of $35.00. 
  1. If the owner comes to reclaim the animal after 5 days, the animal must be spayed or neutered at the owners expense.  The charge will be $75.00 plus a rabies vaccination and a Kentucky dog tag for male or female dogs.  The charge will be $40.00 for a female cat and $25.00 for male cat, plus a rabies vaccination.  After 7 days the animal has become the legal property of the Lawrence County Humane Society.  The owner must adopt the animal back from the society.  Since the Lawrence County Humane Society  Animal Shelter is a  mandatory spay/neuter shelter, the adopter must comply with the Adoption Policy.
  1. If the animal is brought back to the shelter a second time because it is running loose, and if this animal has already been spayed/neutered, the charge to reclaim the animal will be $10.00/per day with a minimum charge of $70.00.  This charge is because the shelter is very small and we do not have the room or funding to keep animals because of owner irresponsibility.

Animals that are placed under quarantine by the Health Department 

  1. All animals placed under quarantine must stay there for a period of ten days after the health department has come to the shelter and placed a quarantine on the animal.  The charge to reclaim the animal once the health department has released it will be $100.00.  All quarantine animals must have a rabies tag and certificate before the animal is released to the owner. The rabies vaccination is at the owners expense. 
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