Animal Shelter Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Evening and Weekends by Appointment Only
Street Address is: 820 Isaac Rd; Louisa, Ky
Telephone: (606)-673-4509

Pet Listings:

The Lawrence County Animal Shelter currently has the following pets available at the
shelter. For more information on them, call us at 606-673-4509. Theses pets are looking for a new home, with maybe you in mind. For a better view of the animals, the pictures are clickable.
Fees for Animals
All animals are ready to be adopted 7 days after arriving to the shelter.
Adoption Fees:
Dogs: $100.00 - Includes, spay/neuter fee, plus extra for a rabies vaccination for the dogs if of age.
Puppies: $100.00 - Includes, Same as dogs, plus extra for a rabies vaccination for the dogs if of age.

Cats/Kittens: $60.00  Includes spay/neuter, de-worming, vaccinations; plus $5.00 fee for a rabies vaccination
(4 months old & above)

**Extra $15.00 fee for post-op pain medication is recommended for all cats/kittens

Shelter adoption prices are above for animals picked up at the shelter. Any animal that is adopted and will have to be transported can be adopted for $150.00 plus transportation costs. Transporting of the animals is available upon request.

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New Pictures of this week animal will be added to the site later this evening, please check back for photos.


          Pic 6325
Collie Mix 
Lawrence County

Pic 6337
Hound Male  Received
Lawrence County

Pic 6250 
Collie Retriever Mix Rec
From Yatesville Lake area
Received Lawrence County
Pic 6229
Aussie Spaniel
Long Branch Area
Lawrence County
Pic 6235
Chihuahua  Received
Blaine Area
Lawrence County
Pic  6248
Terrier Lab Mix   Received
Poplar St
Lawrence County
Pic 6214
Yellow Lab Mix  Found at the campground
Lawrence County Received

Pic 6208 
Found on Rt 3 and 1496. 
Received Lawrence County
Pic 6186  Greyhound Mix Female Pup
Found in Meadowbrook August 3, 2017

Pic 6180
Border Collie  Received
August 4, 2017
Magoffin County

Pic 6107
Beagle  Female  Found on 7/10/17
at Walmart
Lawrence County

Pic 6139
Water Spaniel Mix  Male 
Abandoned dog
Lawrence County
Pic 6142
Collie Mix Male  Abandoned dog
Lawrence County

 Cats and Kitten






Card #17C-061
Name: Dexter
Male, MLH, Tabby w/wht paws, EXTREMELY LOVABLE!!! 

Card #17C-062
Name: Heather
Female, SH, Siamese Mix, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS
Card #17C-029
Name: Neferkiti
Female, SH, Blk/wht Tuxedo, TIMID & SHY RT NOW
Card #16C-361
Name: Missy
Female, SH, Or/Wht Tiger Stripe; BIG, BEAUTIFUL & A DIVA!!
Card #16C-325
Name: Adele
Female, SH, Dark Calico, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS

Card #16C-025
Name: Ashley
Female, SH, Tiger Stripe w/Wht Bib & Paws, JUST ADORABLE!!
Card #16C-001
Name: Sammy

WAITING DOG - Author Unknown

 A dog sits waiting in the cold sun
Too faithful to leave, too frightened to run
She's been there for days now with nothing to do
But sit by the road waiting for you.
She can't understand why you left her that day.
She thought she and you were stopping to play.
She's sure you'll come back and that's why she stays.
How long will she suffer? How many more days?
Her legs have grown weak. Her throat parched and dry.
She's sick from hunger and falls with a sigh.
She lays down her head and closes her eyes.
I wish you could see how a waiting dog dies.

Author Unknown

As animal shelter personnel, with various duties and responsibilities, we make the following promises and declarations:

We hereby promise to love and to care for the pets brought into this shelter to the best of our ability.
We promise to make them as comfortable as possible in an impossible situation.
We promise to do our best to find them new homes.
When all else fails, we promise to end their lives humanely in order to make room for the endless
supply of animals to follow.

However, we also stand firm with the following:
We did not cause these animals to be born into this overpopulated world.
We did not cause these animals to become a problem or inconvenience to their owners.
We did not cause their owners to move, to have kids, to become allergic too them, or to become ill.
We will not accept, nor allow to be placed on us, the guilt that belongs to the owners of these
It is not our fault!!!!!

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