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The Lawrence County Humane Society was incorporated in 1990 by a small group of people who were concerned about the ever-growing stray animal population in their community.  A board of directors governs the Humane Society.  The Board meets on a monthly basis to discuss policy, fund raising and other issues that may arise.

The animal shelter is under the supervision of the shelter supervisor and two shelter employees.  The Humane Society and animal shelter staff work closely with the animal control officers from both Lawrence and Magoffin counties.  These officers pick up stray animals, enforce county ordinances and address cruelty to animal complaints.

We strive to educate all age groups to promote humane attitudes and good treatment for all animals.
We work to reduce the over breeding of dogs and cats through public education programs and spay/neuter assistance programs.  We are working toward a program of emergency assistance for members of the community unable to provide proper care and treatment for their pets.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide information to the public concerning laws regulating ownership, care, and protection of animals and where necessary, assist in the prosecution for the violations of such laws.

Assisting governmental agencies in establishing shelters and effective and humane animal control programs that enhance public and animal welfare, such as the rabies clinics and licensing of animals.

 We strive to develop fundraising activities to aid in the accomplishment of these goals.

We would like to introduce everyone to our Open Arms Animal Shelter. It is a Lawrence County Humane Society owned and operated shelter. Attached is a video of our very nice cat shelter which is a separate shelter from the dog shelter. We are very proud of our cat shelter with the open air rooms that our cats reside in and live like a cat should live! Window ledges, cat trees, toys and all the comforts of home! Please share!


We would like to introduce everyone to our Open Arms Animal Shelter. It is a Lawrence County Humane Society owned and operated shelter located on Isaac Park Road. The video attached is of our our dog shelter. We are so proud of our shelter and the love and care with provide each dog in our care! Please share!
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